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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Music For Fashion Volume One - by Fashion Muse, music for Prudence Millinery fashion shows

Hello All

The soundtrack of Prudence Millinery fashion shows – Music For Fashion Volume One -  by Fashion Muse is available on http://prudencemillinery.com/fashionmuse

Music For Fashion Volume One by Fashion Muse

by Spy Productions Records

Fashion Muse creates instrumental music for Fashion and Fashion Shows, notably for all Prudence Millinery fashion shows. 
Although the music performed by Fashion Muse is described as New Age, many musical genres are approached by Fashion Muse : 
electronic music, rock, pop, dance and ambient music. 

1 - Fashion at Last 04:01 
2 - Fashion in Paris 03:39 
3 - Fashion in the Uk 03:24 
4 - Like a Blue Sea 04:05 
5 - In Her Space 04:16 
6 - Someday Too 02:24 
7 - Midnight in the Stars 03:09 
8 - On an Exotic Voyage 03:08 
9 - More Determined Than Ever 02:12 
10 - Some Expectation 04:16 
11 - Under the Big Rain 04:28 

(c) 2014 Fashion Muse 
All tracks written by Sam H. Spiegel 

The physical CD and the Amazon and Itunes downloads are available at 

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